Keen Panache, a dedicated Joburg based company that is always there always there when work and business situations are not as feasible to allow for operations to run smoothly, productivity to improve and cost cutting strategies to purely function as opposed to uncomfortably forcing employees to run a tight ship.

When deadlines are looming, employees are caught up in the proliferation of unproductive tasks or cost cutting strategies seems to bring in more costs; then Keen Panache with its unwavering commitment to providing an extra pair of hands, is always standing by to propel any endeavors in terms of providing support with compliance, administration, management, consulting, office and back end support, and secretarial work. When hindrances are out of the way of work or doing business, taking care of other important things becomes easy and joyful experience.

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Dedicated Service Experts 24/6 99%
Reduced Administration Spending 99%
Money Back Guarantee 99%
Reduced Back Office Backlogs 99%
Instant Service Cancellation 99%
Consistent Extra Pair of Hands 99%
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