We understand that many employers and institutions do show appreciation of the work carried out by the small and micro enterprises, and the extent to which they contribute to skills development, alleviation of poverty and eradication of crimes. In our determined path to developing a creative freedom and smart democracy for people; lack of practical professional skills and computer illiteracy amongst professionals entrepreneurs and the youth is addressed with priority.

The Diversity Skills Development Programme is linked with the Work and Business Readiness Initiative, and runs concurrently for the duration of 1 to 3 months; providing a holistic support to the professionals, entrepreneurs and unemployed youth.


From time to time, we have the youth girls and boys with Matric volunteering in Internet Cafe branches and at our head office. The purpose of these volunteering initiatives is to equip the young people with relevant skills, giving their CVs some value and increasing their chances of being employed in the labour market.

Please email us to enquire: info@keenpanache.co.za