To operate a company in South Africa the company must be registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) of South Africa prior to commencing business. Since May 1st, 2011 when the 2008 Companies Act came into effect ; Close Corporations may be registered, only private or public companies. Registration of entities also includes formation of NPOs and Coorperatives.

As mentioned on the CIPC website, to make amendments to the company you need to transact on their system with a valid CIPC customer code. The system allows registration of private and non-profit companies with standard memorandum of incorporation and all other company types must be filed manually with forms available on 


The moment we receive an order, you will be emailed our Power of Attorney (POA) which needs to completed and a quote. The POA will need to be sent back to us with a certified ID copy and proof of payment and as soon as we receive all documentation, the preferred names will then be submitted for reservation in the same process that the company is registered. This process should take between 2 and 5 days.

Once the company is finally registered and approved by the CIPC, you will receive all the registration documents required to operate as a legal entity. These are: COR9.4 which is the Name Reservation Certificate, COR14.3 which I is Company Registration Certificate and known as the CK1 document for CC’s, COR14.1 and CoR14.1A which are known as Appointment of Incorporators and Directors; including the COR15.1A known as The Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI).

Depending on how long you stayed with the company after it was confirmed to have been opened, you may need to go to the bank and have an account opened for the registered company. You may need to provide company registration documents, directors’ IDs and proof of business, and residential address to the bank official when having an account opened. By default, your company will have a Tax Number also registered, but you need to still show up at the SARS branch for verification and identification. Being at the branch will also give you an opportunity to ask for Tax Clearance for Good Standing and for Tender if you wish to bid for tenders.

|It is always best to arrange all the required basic documentation before getting yourself out there trying to secure jobs or pursue the concept, unless it is already a functional concept. You will need to hire people and visiting institutions such the Labour Department to register for UIF is a great move.

As with the SARS TCC, having a bank account and complying with UIF, B-BBEE is often a requirement by some other organizations. Now, when all is arranged then you can register on databases if you want to do business with Government or bid for Tenders.



The following amendments can be effected with the CIPC: Changes to the Company Name, Changes to the Financial Year End, Changes to the Registered Address of the Company, Changes to the Location of Company Records, Changes to the Company Authorised Shares, Other Changes to the Memorandum of Incorporation, Appointment, Resignation or Removal of Directors, Appointment, Resignation and Removal of Auditors or Company Secretary.

Depending on required amendment, you may be requested to reserve a name if you are changing a company. The company then has to  lodge a notice of Amendment of Memorandum of Incorporation (cor15.2) with the CIPC. Changes cannot be processed for most transactions when you have not deposited funds into the CIPC account. Furthermore, the company  would have to submit the following as the requirement may vary depending on transaction: original written resolution adopted by Shareholders or Board of Directors, POA, Minutes and IDs of Directors.


The CIPC’s turnaround times vary from 5 working days to 21 working days. Usually the counting of days is from date of receipt of application documentation.




After completing our application which you can download from this site, we will send you our quote based on the chosen option of Ad. Work will only begin once the quote is sent back, signed and accompanied with a deposit of the required percentage.

Thereafter, work on the request begins where we design, adjust or digitalize your artwork for a perfect unparalleled simplicity. We deliver to you as the valued client, a combination of digital platform, human intelligence and real broad-based experience. Our approach is heightening efficiency, quality and complementary service. 


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