Company Overview

Consultants | Virtual Assistants: We are consid­ered by our peers and clients as experts in specified fields (business administration, secretarial work, compliance administration, compliance reporting, business writing, marketing, graphic designing and ICT), with a wide knowledge of the subject matter and a depth of experience. Accounts Managers are assigned to each project, giving professional advice and providing important myriad of services by sharing their wisdom and expertise with every valued client.


Keen Panache Assist Pty) Ltd T/A as Keen Panache Enterprise (Pty) Ltd is established around the belief that not everyone knows how to look good on paper, and that business people and executives in companies are often too busy and left with very little time to do all those things that often need to be done in a 24 hour day. Keen Panache leads a highly effective team with fluid, open and responsive mechanisms of communication.


We have healthy relationships with our suppliers to help complement our products and service deliveries to the clients, enabling them to accomplish their goals through our in-house expertise. Our company business administrators, secretaries and medical administrators always carefully manage relationships through intelligent negotiations; while relishing the challenge of strategically aligning our values, clients’ requirements and the product/service.


Strategic Pillars


Keen Panache Enterprise’s operations are based on the three Strategic Pillars guiding our actions and responsibilities. Namely: 

  • TECHNICAL APPROACH: Technical Approach: Here we indicate our understanding of the client’s unique business or personal requirements. We involve specialised knowledge and analytical abilities within our admin and secretarial speciality, showing our ability to achieve effective forward planning. This approach provides the client with multiple benefits; making sure that all requirements are consistently satisfied, systems implemented and stakeholders engaged.
  • HUMAN APPROACH: Human Approach: Here we use this skill to relate to the client, staff and all other stakeholders. This approach helps us work effectively with others to build cooperative efforts within the led teams. We are aware of our own attitudes, assumptions, and beliefs about other individuals and groups; we are able to see the usefulness and limitations of their feelings. Keen Panache accepts the existence of viewpoints, perceptions, and beliefs, which are different from those of its staff and stakeholders; showing understanding of what each project requires.
  • CONCEPTUAL APPROACH: Conceptual Approach: Here we believe that the success of any decision depends on the conceptual skill of the people making those decisions. We use our abilities, experiences and complements from our strategic partners to see our business and that of each client as a whole, including recognising how the various functions of every business depends on one another such as when maintaining repository of corporate filling deadlines to achieve accuracy; and allow for resource allocation.




A boom in the business services and consulting industry, especially the virtual and business support sectors, continues to see growth of many companies providing entrepreneurial development, virtual assistance and secretarial services globally. 


Business consulting companies can offer their incredible skills in areas where people are not often strong.

Keen Panache Enterprise is very much part of this industry driven by a broad array of factors (a strong global economy, increases in computing power, penetration of emerging markets, privatization, globalization, the new Information Technology Consulting practice and the Internet of Things).


Our unwavering commitment is in being your extra pair of hands to get your business in order in terms of compliance administration, management consulting, office and back end support, meeting deadlines, keeping your business operational 24/7 and; taking care of other important things in your business at your convenience.