Keen Panache Assist T/A Keen Panache Enterprise

The bulk of the services are administrative in nature, whether we capture your data, type documentation, mail list updates, register companies, document management, content and editing, collections, filing, etc. Much like secretarial tasks, these are activities most clients do not have the time for or even chose to delegate to someone else to take care of. We also assist with compliance reporting in terms of the various Acts, mystery shopping and service reviews. 

Solutions here include secretarial activities, which are in themselves a wide range. such as being compliant with business requirements.  Solutions provided include, but not limited to recurring filling, routine corporate changes, retrieval of documents, virtual assistance, post listing services, meeting scheduling and annual compliance requirements. 

Now, more than ever, you need a trusted and professional writing resource. We assist with a developed plan to sort out all working documentation requirements and aligning all policies with changing regulations. With a professional representation being a priority in soliciting clients and growing a business, effective and scalable working documents such as Business Profiles, Plans and Proposals must be given all the attention. Keen Panache will assist with that.

Whether we assist or oversee the entire process of making decisions related to the type of product or service the client should sell, categorizing their products depending on the purpose for which they are sold, conducting research on new product or service ideas and; conveying messages about their business on varying digital platforms; Keen Panache is always there when not feasible. Part of our offering is also access to ICT systems and products to complement every requirement.

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